Rex Nichols Architectsand Developers has created the first Mirrored Courtyard Houses as a design concept.

April 26, 2018   Rex Nichols Architects (RNA), has broken ground with two mirrored 4,200 square foot ultra-contemporary homes.


Interior Rendering of Mirrored Courtyard Houses

RNA collaborated with the developer Novodom to achieve an innovative and exciting residential development by dividing a wide lot into two lots and developing two houses to form a private retreat.

The project’s development budget focuses on the creation of a unique courtyard, with stunning views of the architecture and landscaping. The mirrored entrance generates an airy capacious forecourt with dramatic nighttime views captured in the reflections of shimmering swimming pools. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the serenity of an intimate composition.

The RNA Mirrored Courtyard Houses concept not only invites the outdoors to the interior, a concept that modernist architects have been exploring since the 1920s, but also allows the exterior architectural design to be contemplated from within. This is a great opportunity for Los Angeles architects , Beverly Hills architects and Malibu architects to bring more value for a property. “The mirrored courtyard house design concept can create its own market value and comparable by establishing a new reference of attractiveness and dynamics of residential real estate development”, said Alex Penna, RNA Lead Contemporary Designer and Business Partner.

Rex Nichols, Principal of the firm, acknowledges the remarkable privacy and instant simplicity achieved from light structural forms at the central section of the house. The wings and walls of glass are anchored by gleaming polished floors throughout. The extensive outdoor entertaining areas flow seamlessly with the main rooms of the houses. Artistically subtle Vibia Lighting fixtures, used in the clerestory section of the central part of the houses, create a stunning first impression and elegant rationalism that is purely theatrical and playful. The master bedroom takes center stage as the ideal sanctuary with its breath-taking panoramic ocean views. The sumptuous setting of the third floor VIP room embraces filtered views of Birch State Park and the Atlantic Ocean, the ultimate canvas of drama and design. Rex Nichols Architects achieved the homeowner’s mission by designing an architecturally significant home and a haven for their ultimate enjoyment; indeed, two of a kind that creates a vibrant lifestyle.

About RNA

RNA’S awards for contemporary architectural design spans 30 years including 11 American Institute of Architects (AIA) awards and has been recognized in the “Top Fifty Coastal Architects in the United States” by Ocean Home Magazine (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.)

To learn more about RNA ultra-contemporary architectural design, and become a Business Partner and Investor with RNA Real Estate Development projects in Los Angeles area, contact the firm via email:

Rex Nichols Architects RNA

Corporate Headquarters: 1600 S. Federal Highway, Suite 970

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33062

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