Car Rentals in Nlongkak Yaoundé

In Nlongkak Yaoundé, you are able to hire an automobile for per day, per week, or even a month. Typically the most popular car to hire is a Hyundai Accent. The Accent can be an economy vehicle. If you’re looking for a luxury vehicle, consider CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE.

Car rentals in nlongkak Yaoundé

To get a great deal on Car rentals in nlongkak Yaoundé, you should book early. This can save you as much as 38% on average. When booking your rental in Yaoundé, you ought to be able to rent an automobile for up to monthly, provided that the supplier’s inventory permits. Typically the most popular type of vehicle is the Class Premium SUV, so you ought to be able to get this kind of car for the duration of your stay.

The cheapest month to rent a tiny car in Yaoundé is September, while August is probably the most expensive month. This means that if you book an automobile rental in September, you’ll save as much as 45% on your own trip. However, prices do vary, and may be determined by the time of year or vehicle availability.


There are many car rental agencies in Cameroon, but CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE specializes in providing luxury cars. Its drivers are well-informed and provide you with the information you will need to plan your trip. The company is located in the Mbankomo district of Yaounde, but you can find higher than a few others in the area.

The agency accepts charge cards at the Mbankomo office. Ensure the charge card you employ to help make the reservation is exactly like the main one you uses to fund the car. Moreover, the agency will hold a deposit on your own credit card. Furthermore, you may even have to pay for the fuel deposit and insurance excess. These additional fees vary depending on the class of vehicle, rental duration, and age of the driver.


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